How timid are you?

There are people who are outgoing, but there are also those few who are extremely timid. Someone timid might hide and doesn't like the idea of adventure or getting hurt.

Well, which one are you? Are you quiet? Timid? Outgoing? A lot of people wonder what the answer to that question is. Take this quiz and in just a few minutes you could find out!

Created by: The_new_girl
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  1. Do people gossip about you?
  2. Are you afraid of strangers?
  3. Do you give your friends a shoulder to cry on?
  4. Do you daydream?
  5. Would you consider yourself shy?
  6. Would your friends consider you shy?
  7. Are you good at hide and seek?
  8. A basketball hits you on the head. You...
  9. How often do you cry?
  10. Which animal matches your personality?
  11. You go to a slumber party and a pillow fight is about to start. You...

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Quiz topic: How timid am I?