How tech are you?

This quiz is about technology/simple programming and some of the acronyms and names associated with them. You may want to look up what some acronyms stand for before taking this.

An example of an acronym that is not on the test would be URL, for example. A question would simply be "What does URL stand for?" and you would answer uniform resource locator.

Created by: Norton

  1. What does HTML stand for?
  2. In most programming languages, ++ means...
  3. What does RAM stand for?
  4. What does CPU stand for?
  5. What is Linux?
  6. What does IP stand for when used in the term IP address?
  7. A computer has two kinds of memory. Main memory and auxiliary memory. Other terms for these are___, ___ respectively?
  8. Computers cannot understand programming languages. Machine language is what they can interpret, but ____ is what they can understand.
  9. In Unix, a name for the "|" symbol is...
  10. ______ Was known for inventing the personal computer.

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Quiz topic: How tech am I?