How Stupid Is Your Sister?

Hi I'm so glad you took this quiz. Awwwww you're so nice I love you, cuddle. Just call me at my number I guess I will pick up to your stupid sister or something.

Are you a fat butt, well I know your mom is haha. oh my god you actually laughed geez I can't believe you laghted over that stupid thing holy crap you retard?

Created by: shizzle pimp
  1. How hold are you?
  2. Does your sister boss you around?
  3. Is your sister older than you?
  4. Does your sister complain about everything?
  5. Is your sister fat?
  6. Is your sister a hoe?
  7. Does your sister drive a car?
  8. Has your sister snuck out before?
  9. Does your sister take a long time in the bathroom?
  10. Has your sister farted before?

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