Does your sister like you that much?

Hey, there! Is your sister young? Is your sister old? Is your sister anything else? This quiz tells you everything about your sister but... Make sure your sister isn't looking when you click your answers!

INSTRUCTIONS: Here is what you do if you haven't taking a quiz yet-All you have to do is to choose your age and your gender, and then read the question, and click on the dot beside the answer you think is right. Click "Submit answers" once you are done. Good Luck!

Created by: Angella.Z of Ben 10 Planet-YolaSite
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  1. What do your sister gives you to eat each day?
  2. How do your sister puts you in bed?
  3. What do you do after eating lunch?
  4. Pick one of the letters below and see your luck (No solution to this one)!
  5. What is the best sentence to describe your own sister's hair?
  6. What is the best to describe her feeling all the time? (Not only now, all the time)
  7. What is the best to describe your sister's hugs?
  8. What is your sister's favourite computer game?
  9. What is your sister's name?
  10. What do your neighbour complains about your house to your mum and dad?
  11. What is your sister's favourite channel?
  12. Final Question: What do you think of this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Does my sister like you that much?