how strong of a demigod are you?

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there are many demigod heroes.are you one?.prove it by taking this quiz rite here.true heroes would and if you are this test can tell you if what it takes?

heroes are brave,they are not afraid to die.they can fight monsters without fear.they would have great wits.they have to anticipate the challenges ahead

Created by: eric
  1. what monster can you defeat(be honest with your real life athletics skill and strength)
  2. what weapon do you use?
  3. what is your fatal flaw
  4. what is your position in a field battle
  5. what would you do if faced against a hydra?
  6. what is your specialty in war
  7. what powers would be suitable for you
  8. when given a quest what do you do?
  9. before you got to camp and surrounded bye monsters what do you do?
  10. what is your fear

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Quiz topic: How strong of a demigod am I?