How strong is your magick ability?

Everybody has a powerful force inside of them waiting to come out. Some already have like me. Talk to your gurdian and once you do repare for life to get ineresting. Once you do keep in touch or bad things can happen. I'm not trying to scare you but heave the warnings in the next pargraph.

Never try to go to hell. If you come back alive you'll be INSANE! Keep your mind calm even in a bad situation. Stand up for yourself and people. Not animate objects. Just people. Be physically and spritually fit. Commit as little sins as possible and as many virtues as possible. Go reseaech and memorize the virtues and sins.

Created by: awesome89

  1. The most evil questin in the world what's your favorate color!?
  2. Do you feel a electric feeling go down your spine?
  3. Do you believe in powerful spiritual beings? GOD/Jesus etc.?
  4. How do animals react to you?
  5. The world full of love or hate?
  6. The white tiger or blue dragon?
  7. The rest doesn't count.
  8. Everybody has a guardian. Wether a dragon a tiger a angel or demon . The were sent from the supernatural domain to guide you path. The tiger and angel guide the good way and demons leead you the wrong way. The dragon forces you to create your own path.
  9. Your guardian lends you Power if you trust them. If you trust them they will give you what you need and protect you no matter what. But you will not know what your gurdian is till you harness there power if you ever acheive this dont hog The power.
  10. Goodbye.

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Quiz topic: How strong is my magick ability?