how strange are you?

ever wonded how strange you were because of your flatulants or things you do with your face wile no one is looking?or strange spazms or burps or what you look like and potatos potatso crayons crayons shoe laces are fun to p

are you strange or are you not maybe after this chill bang or spazm out it's worth a try you now heres a tip baked beans and lemonade and heaps of sugar makes you be more strange then you can be kool like me 8I what do u think about that huh huh huh stands for laugh out loud or lots of love just thought i would tell you

Created by: amy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do u ever have random little spazms/energetic bursts?
  2. do u put on strange voices ALL THE TIME?
  3. ho many times a day do u usually fart?
  4. do u like to freak people out bye your wierdness?
  5. do u do any of the following
  6. do you scratch your head just to see what comes off onto your nails?
  7. do u ghost people for random fun?
  8. when there is a wierd smell in the air do u consistantly smell it over and over again even if its bad!
  9. cna yuo raed thsi?or hanvt notiecd anyhtign wrnog wthi it?
  10. if i said jkvgfoihadvojvhaljfg what would you say

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Quiz topic: How strange am I?