What creature are you?

there are many creatures out there that we don't even know of. we call these people strange, different, and not into other people. we display these people in freak shows just trying to make a few bucks. they have their own feelings though and thats what we need to see.

Which of these creatures are you most like? are you blood lusting? have strange eyes? or are you covered in fur or scales? are you mischeivious or calm and collected? well lets find out! try out this quiz!

Created by: Dan

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is your eye color?
  2. what do you think your attribute is?
  3. what is your hair color?
  4. Which would you eat?
  5. which would you rather drink?
  6. do you watch Television
  7. how is your hair styled?
  8. how much do you sleep?
  9. do you prefer day or night?
  10. are you beautiful/handsome?
  11. have you ever felt like your not yourself?

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Quiz topic: What creature am I?