Where Were You During The 70`s ?

Hello I Fixed My Last 70`s Quiz I Know It was Strange And it Gave The wrong answers SOOOOO Here is the new better version The Seventies Were Weird, very weird The`re was a lot going on..War, Woodstock and that kind of stuff

But if YOU we`re in The Seventies? In That Strange Place Full Of Madness. We`re will you be? Disco, Metal concert, Rock Concert? Or maybe you just don`t belong over there.

Created by: Faberzjee

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What Music Do you Like
  2. What Type Of Clothes Do You Like ?
  3. What Type Of Food Do You Like
  4. Pick A Colour
  5. Pick A Line
  6. Pick A Band
  7. Which Band Will You See Live ?
  8. When A Man/Woman (who`s quite ugly) Starts talking with You..what will you do?
  9. Which Place Is Your Favourite?
  10. Finally Did You Like This Quizz

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