How stoopid are yoo?

Being stoopid usually means having no common sense or general knowledge skills. But, I think it can also be yoor "let loose factor". How many people can have fun without thinking about the consequences or what people think of them?

Do yoo care if people stare? Or if yoo show yoor true side? Can yoo pull it off to look like a genius, or does yoor lack of knowledge and coomon sense get the better side of yoo? Take this quiz and find out just how stoopid yoo really are...

Created by: Bekki

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. If yoo were crossing the street & saw a paper bag flying in the air would yoo:
  2. What is the capital of England?
  3. Yoor cat is moaning for food...yoo give him/her some but it still moans. What do yoo do next?
  4. Yoo want a j20 but can't find the bottle opener, yoo...?
  5. Do yoo know what intellectual means?
  6. What's a better name?
  7. What best describes yoo?
  8. How do yoo spell "stoopid"
  9. Like this quiz?
  10. Do yoo want to be stoopid?

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