How smart are you?

Are you as smart as you think you are? this quiz will answer how smart you are. anyway I am only 10 So sorry great it will be good.good luck amd true love! Yes I love you

Okay. I am appreciating whoever does this pm much. this is pm hard. Sorry he there are any errors. I have auto correct. This is my first time to do this amd I am only 10 pm good luck

Created by: Lindy

  1. 5+100000
  2. is racecar spelled the same backwards?
  3. You drive a bus. What colour is the bus drivers eyes
  4. am I awesome
  5. 12...57
  6. Who is the main character in happy potter
  7. If 3x equals 21, then x equals...
  8. .
  9. Is there anything wrong with being gay

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Quiz topic: How smart am I?