Are u smarter than a 6th grader

There are many smart people but few true geniuses. Smart is after all quite awesome what is a smart person a smart person is a extrodanary person that has a smart thoughs

Are u as smart as a 6th grader ? Do u have the smartness for this test but in gust a few minutes you will find out of are u as smart as a 6th grader do u ?!

Created by: jada paredes
  1. This is a practice question for 7th grade and mabe 6th . What is 1+1 😝
  2. Why dosnt grass grow on the moon
  3. What is -6+7
  4. What is the stages of mitosis in order p.s all of the questions are not only going to be math
  5. I car can travel 19.6 miles for every 1gallon of gasoline estimate the number of miles the car can travel on 11.3 gallons
  6. What is magma
  7. The " clamorous " children hammed,jumped,ran,and played instruments. What dose the word clamorous mean?
  8. After jason cut the ropes, the horse was " unfettered" What dose the word unfettered mean ?
  9. What is 61 out of 100 as a decimal and percent ?
  10. At the center of earth is a sphere of very hot metal called the

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