harry potter how smart are you?

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hi fellow Harry Potter fans! just saying i am a HUGE fan. i love J. K. Rowling's books and think she did a great job on them. i love HARRY POTTER!!!!!

all you have to do is click on the check box you wish to select and when you are finished you click submit answers and see your results. good luck on the quiz you might need it.

Created by: Luna Lovegood
  1. what fruit do you have to tickle to open the secret door to the kitchen?
  2. who taught care of magical creatures before Hagrid?
  3. what other house was Hermione given the choice to be in besides Gryffindor?
  4. what house is Luna Lovegood in?
  5. which famous wizard is Albus Dumbledore famous for defeating?
  6. what rare ability does Harry share with Voldemort?
  7. who was dragged in the chamber of secrets by the basilisk?
  8. what quidditch position does Harry play?
  9. what is the name of Hagrid's spider?
  10. what is the name of Hagrid's three headed dog?
  11. who teaches transfiguration?
  12. what can professor Mcgonnagall turn into?
  13. which one is a creation by the weasly twins?
  14. what material of clothing did Harry use to free Dobby?
  15. what does the word accio do in a spell?
  16. which twin dies in the last book?
  17. what is special about madeye moody's blue eye?
  18. what is Harry's dad's nickname?

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