how smart are you

ok, this test is about how smart you really are. just answer the questions and at the end it will reveal the answer I hope you get a good mark and good luck

are you a genius? if you are than use your genius skills to master this quiz and get 100% if you can and if you don't do good, well study harder and take the test again.

Created by: abbsrock22
  1. do you get A's on your report card
  2. what's 66x41
  3. what's the square root of 64
  4. is this a stupid question
  5. how do you spell.....
  6. how do you spell....
  7. john had 99 apples. if he gives 46 apples to a apple farm. how many does he have left
  8. why did the chicken cross the road
  9. what does i.e. mean
  10. is this the last question
  11. on a scale from 1-10 how smart do you think you are
  12. last question.....

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Quiz topic: How smart am I