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This is my 2nd Smart Test I tried to make it harder because a bunch of people have been getting 70 or higher so I decided to make it harder see if you get high enough

Try my Test see if you can get a high score I tried to make this one harder so brace yourself to take a pretty hard quiz I guess take my quiz to see what you get

Created by: bunny23
  1. √56
  2. Who Killed John F Kennedy
  3. When did Hawaii become a state
  4. 745í—4í·5-41í—12+126=?
  5. What was the first calculator
  6. True or False Apartheid is a good thing in Africa
  7. What is 3rd person
  8. Which one is a transportation Corridor
  9. What is the formula to find the area of a trpazoid
  10. Which is unlimited Government
  11. What are the reason for European exploration
  12. Which wall is in Germany

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Quiz topic: How smart am I