Starwars Battlefront II Quiz

If you get 50% or higher in this quiz tan you must be a true genius, but always remember aim for the stars thats what my teacher says and if you get 50% or lower than just keep at it and you'll get there!

ARE YOU A TRUE GENIUS? If yes congratulation you must be really smart and your brain is major. But if you score low than jus t keep trying harder and harder.

Created by: Nicholas Braunlein
  1. Who is the hero for the Republic of Utapau?
  2. Who are the 2 bad teams?
  3. Which is the first war?
  4. Who is the best Jedi?
  5. Which is the best Rank?
  6. Does the game have a rise of the Empire?
  7. Which is the best weapon?
  8. Is it easy to win on Endor?
  9. Is this the best game?
  10. Which console is it for?

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