How Smart Are You?

There are a lot of bright people out in this world, but there aren't a lot of truly S M A R T people. You need to know facts, people, quotes, and so much more!

So, are YOU very bright, or truly S M A R T? Are you willing to think on your feet, learn, and be the smartest of them all? If you are, then let's find out...

Created by: ava_rose

  1. How many hearts does an octopus have?
  2. Where was Amelia Earhart born?
  3. What is Zendaya's last name?
  4. Is Green a cool or warm color?
  5. How many degrees is a full circle?
  6. Is 47 degrees an acute, obtuse, or straight angle?
  7. What does red and blue make?
  8. Where does paper come from?
  9. Where is the iPhone by Apple Inc. made?
  10. Which basketball player has the logo of "Jumpman"?

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Quiz topic: How Smart am I?