How smart are you?

There are some smart people, some geniuses, some not as bright people, and some total retards. There is quite a difference between them and take this to see what you are.

Basically, this quiz is taken to find out where you would rank. Where would you be on the ladder of intelligence? Naturally, this quiz is not entirly accurate, but accurate enough. Hope you do well! (actually thats not fully true but whatever)

Created by: kzman of this site
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Let's start off with the easy one. What was your last math grade?
  2. What do you do during your spare time?
  3. Is this a question?
  4. Which harry potter house do you think you are in?
  5. purple cannabals
  6. What is your IQ
  7. Do you know what HTML stands for?
  8. Is trans fat good or bad
  9. can you read
  10. how did you come to take this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How smart am I?