how slim shady r u?

R u a straight up shady or a little more on the average side. Okay so I know everyone on this site always be saying "dont lie on this quiz,or u wont get the rite results." well honestly I jus dont give a crap about ur results I mean 4 real this is jus for fun!

okay so even if ur not a shady fan, its still cool to know what's up. Trust me, either way, in the words of the shady himself, there's a little shady in all of us. So you go on with either your bad or good self!!

Created by: ollie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do u hate ur momma?
  2. do u like rap?
  3. what's a silver spoon
  4. whats 50 cent?
  5. describe your home in one word
  6. where's your ice
  7. how's ur freestyle
  8. what would u say to a lawyer
  9. Which of these isn't a shady song
  10. which name do u like the most

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