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  • Skinny doesn't make beauty you know. i know girls who are stick thin, and way 130 pounds because they're tall. and muscle weighs more than fat. im a tennis player, swimmer and diver, so I'm all muscle. 120 lbs.

    Die Lorelei
  • Perfect, um thanks even though I don't think I'm that great sense I've always had low self esteem and poor body image on myself sense I was a child really.

  • Thanks for the 24%, but you need to lay off the exclamation marks. ! is okay but !!!! makes it look a bit dumb.

    And the weight question, it varies in your hight really, and what the hell is it measured in! lbs, gs?

  • Uhhh, thanks?
    Congrats ..... YOU GOT THIS.....70%

    Your perfect you don't anything, YOUR NORMAL CONGRATS!!! ... ................... .. ..............

  • That was pointless...


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