How Sinful Are You?

Are you bad? Are you sinful? THis is just a funny quiz if you need some time to kill! Don't take it too seriously, and don't be offended if i call you bad. Hey, bad isn't always bad!

Ready for the quiz? I hope you like it! You could be bad, in the middle, or not bad at all! Go ahead and have fun! And last thing, remember to comment or rate when you're done!

Created by: kim1499

  1. Hey! If you steal that car for me, i'll give you $1,000,000 in cash...I have a good paying job. Deal?
  2. Why do you go out with your boyfriend/girlfriend?
  3. The classic question of truth: Have you ever stolen?
  4. You are in a café when you see your worst enemy. Why is she/he your worst enemy? Because she wrongfully shut down your business and she didn't get caught for it! Fight or no fight?
  5. Have you lied?
  6. How much money would it take for you to kill someone?
  7. Would you marry someone for their wealth?
  8. Ready for the results? Do you think you are the baddest person ever or a sweet human being?
  9. oops not the last question. Would you rate and comment if you knew that I spent a very long time making this quiz?
  10. WHAT?? ANOTHER question i must ask??? okay, if you could steal and you knew no one would see would you?

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Quiz topic: How Sinful am I?