How Similar Are You

How much are you like me? Everyone is unique but some people are just ment to share things. It is always fasicinating to see what people think! Let's here your thoughts!

Everyone has something in common with someone. No one is ever alone with nothing to share with someone else. There is nothing more valuable then that.

Created by: Brittany Ritenour of Brittany Ritenour
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which Was or is Still Your Favorite Social Site?
  2. What is Your Favorite Pet?
  3. Are You an Extravert or Intravert
  4. Where Would You Move?
  5. What is Your Wish in a Partner?
  6. Dream Living?
  7. How Many Friends Do You Prefer
  8. What is You Favorite Country?
  9. What is Your Favorite Color?
  10. What is Your Favorite Weather?
  11. Dream Job if you Could Be Anything?
  12. Where Would You Take A Vacation?
  13. What is Your Favorite Number?
  14. Favorite Opposite Gender Characteristic?
  15. What is Your Favorite Word?
  16. Perfect Date?
  17. Favorite Sport?
  18. Favorite Music Genre?
  19. Favorite Movie Out of These?
  20. Favorite Hobbies?
  21. What's Your Favorite Restraunt?
  22. Favorite Facebook Likes?
  23. What is most important with your hopefully special person?

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