How Much Unlike Me Are You?

I made this quiz to see if anyone else out there had a significant amount in common with me. I consider myself very unique so I sincerely doubt anyone could score very high on this.

If you feel like you're also unique and have rarely ever found anything in common with anyone, try taking this quiz! You just might find that there are people similar to you after all.

Created by: Chiratops

  1. How do you view others compared to you?
  2. Which would you say you are most?
  3. About how many races of people would you say there are?
  4. Do you like rap?
  5. Who would you feel more comfortable siding with?
  6. Do you think violence is ever the answer?
  7. Do you think a person can change significantly?
  8. Do you give people the benefit of the doubt often?
  9. How much do you watch TV?
  10. Which country do you like most?
  11. Which would you want to be friends with the least?
  12. How religious are you?
  13. Which would you prefer to have happen?
  14. What do you think of political correctness?
  15. Do you think America is the greatest?
  16. Do you think you are better than most people?
  17. If there were no consequences for your actions, would you consider killing another person for any reason?
  18. Do you think it is good to genetically modify humans to be "better"?
  19. Do genuinely good or evil people people exist?
  20. For your country, if you had to choose between having a democratic republic or a direct democracy, which would you choose?
  21. Which would you rather be able to do?
  22. What's more important?

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Quiz topic: How Much Unlike Me am I?