How selfish are you?

You probably met some selfish people. Yeah, yeah, they are the ones that don't pick your bag when it falls down, they step on your foot without saying sorry, and they think they're the best person in the world. We can all agree that these people aren't fun to be around.

Do you think one of your friends is selfish? Or, maybe, just maybe, even YOU are (you probably hope you are not, I hope)? Find out by taking this amazing quiz!

Created by: evelyn
  1. A friend gives you a dessert with nuts, but you are allergic to nuts. What do you tell him?
  2. You are at somebody's house and you really wanna drink. What do you say to that person?
  3. You have a delicious candy bar that you and your friend both like, so...
  4. Suppose you don't like someone, and your best friend keeps on hanging out with that person. What do you do?
  5. A word that best describes you?
  6. You would definitely audition for...
  7. What would you do there?
  8. Oh, your mom doesn't let you audition! What do you tell her?
  9. You accidentally forgot to do your homework. What do you do?
  10. When you dress up, you think about...

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Quiz topic: How selfish am I?