How Romantic Is Your Bedroom?

Marriage is a gift from God. As couples celebrate anniversary after anniversary, families grow, budgets tighten and time is spent. Romance can be the last thing on our list of priorities. However, it's possible to create one place where you know you can always find time for romance. It's in the Master Bedroom where you sleep, relax and enjoy each other's love. What makes a bedroom romantic? It varies from home to home, but there are a few key things to consider.

Do you have a romantic Master Suite? Is romance a true priority in your busy lives? Is it something that you obviously value? Take this simple quiz to find out the Romantic Value of your bedroom.

Created by: Debi Walter of The Romantic Vineyard
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  1. You make your bed more often than not.
  2. Your computer and/or home office is in your bedroom.
  3. You have a TV in your bedroom.
  4. Dirty clothes hamper is visible in the bedroom.
  5. You have a CD player or similar option to play romantic music.
  6. Clean clothes are always put where they belong - not piled for ironing.
  7. We have candles in our room.
  8. We have dimmer switches in our bedroom to create romantic lighting.
  9. We have luxury bed linens. This would be sheets that you find very comfortable, not necessarily expensive.
  10. You have a corner with unfinished projects like Creative Memories, photos to organize, etc.
  11. You own and use Linen Spray for your sheets
  12. You have several pictures of your family members in your bedroom.
  13. You have piles of clutter in your bedroom.
  14. You've invested in a matching comforter set that you both like
  15. Your walls are painted a soothing color that calms and relaxes you.
  16. You wash your sheets every week - faithfully!

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