How romantic......

There are many youth now a days trying to be cool and date and have girlfriends and boyfriends out there. Many you should study if you are one of them!

Are you romantic? Kids did you study or rethink your relationships with you boyfriend or girlfriend? Well, you will find out soon! Hopefully the result are great!

Created by: Truck yeah

  1. What do you do to your crush?
  2. Do you have a crush?
  3. Do you sleep with them
  4. What do you believe in?
  5. If your boyfriend/girlfriend died how would you react!
  6. If I asked when was your first kiss with him/her your answer is.....
  7. Did you like this test?
  8. Do you love your other?
  9. Will you comment your results?
  10. Comment how I did?

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