Who the heck are you?

You are working your way through school, over one or two days. The question is, who the heck are you? On an ordinary day, how do you act and how does it define who you are?

This quiz is going to take a peek into how you would act if this were your life, and then take a guess at just who you are... Whether or not it is correct is up to fate.

Created by: Scarlet lace

  1. In math class, your teacher asks you to explain what Pi is and you say " Good with ice cream." How does everyone react?
  2. In art class, you must make a doll. You focus mostly on:
  3. You are preparing for a science test, and your teacher has let your class work outside! You:
  4. In band class, the band teacher asks for a vote on the song you play. Your choices are:
  5. In health class, you must create a service announcement video about anti-bullying. Yours is about:
  6. You are doing a unit on poetry in Language arts. You are asked to write five different styles of poem on one topic. Your topic is:
  7. It's time for Phys. Ed. You are running laps when you trip over a bench that someone has pushed out and face plant. Your nose is dripping blood. Your first concern is:
  8. Lunchtime!
  9. You just got a new socials teacher. She walks into the room and you note:
  10. Your locker is stuck!

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Quiz topic: Who the heck am I?