How Romantic Are You?

There are many romantic people out in the world, but are you one? I created this quiz for people to see if they are a good girlfriend of boyfriend. This quiz is mainly for boys but girls can take it too.

You will soon find out if you are as romantic as you think. Take this quiz and see how romantic you are. Many people deserve to have an awesome, cute, romantic guy or girl.

Created by: Annika Patel
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Where would you go on a date?
  2. What gift would you get for him/her?
  3. How many dates would you wanna go on?
  4. You love your girlfriend/boyfriend so so so so so much..
  5. Would you wanna meet your girlfriend of boyfriend's parents?
  6. How often would you wanna go over to her or his house?
  7. Are you enjoying this quiz so far?
  8. When would you wanna take the first kiss?
  9. How would you break up with him of her?
  10. Will you like or comment, or share your result?

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Quiz topic: How Romantic am I?