How romantic are you

There are many romantic people in the world and they are looking for somebody like them. If you are very romantic you would have a lovely girlfriend/boyfriend.

Are you ROMANTIC? Will your girlfriend or boyfriend or crush love you?You might be a horrible boy/girlfriend or you might be the perfect one. In this test you might find out.

Created by: Cece
  1. What would you buy your date
  2. When would you tell your parents
  3. Where would u go on your first date
  4. What would u serve your date to eat
  5. Where would you purpose at?
  6. What would u date a girl/boy based on
  7. Where would u ask someone out
  8. What would u do if your girlfriend/boyfriend was getting bullied
  9. Would you break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend in public
  10. What would you do to try to get a first kiss

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Quiz topic: How romantic am I