How rich are you ?

There are very few rich people in the world and many poor people in the world and most americans are middle-classed ... if you wanna find out were you stand then don't click here because I will make fun of you

Do you wonder where you stand in this horrible dumpster we call America then slightly move your mouse to click on this quiz to find out if you are poor, rich, or in between

Created by: NeccoLand

  1. Okay, What is your favorite color ?
  2. Where do you usually shop ?
  3. If your mom is going grocery shopping, where is she going ?
  4. What phone do you have ?
  5. What would you wear to school ?
  6. What would you wear for a party ?
  7. What kind of school do you go to ?
  8. This question isn't really important but do you have a boyfriend ?
  9. Do you have any pets ?
  10. The last is up to fate- Yes or No ?

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Quiz topic: How rich am I ?