Fallout 4 ( DLC QUIZ )Which Nuka World Raider Gang Are You

Do You Ever Wonder Which Nuka World Raider Gang You Are? Well Take This Quiz And Find Out! SPOILERS TO THOSE OF YOU WHO DON'T HAVE THE NUKA WORLD DLC!

Are You A Furry Who Loves To Party Or A Rich Goth Kid Or A Emo In Love With Violence Or A Slave Or A Traveler Looking For A Place To Shop Or Exploring

Created by: Klone Wolf

  1. What Do You Do In Your Free Time?
  2. What Stereotype Are You?
  3. You Approach A Trader Who Won't Get To Work And He/She Is Lazy What Do You Do?
  4. What Do You Think Of Nuka Cola?
  5. Favorite Raider Radio Song?
  6. What Do You Think About The Brand New Overboss?
  7. If You Would Sacrifice Someone Who Would It Be?
  8. If You Could Save One Thing From Your Burning House What Would It Be?
  9. What Is Your Favorite Line?
  10. If You Were The Last Human On Earth What Would You Do?
  11. You Approach A Hostile Animal What Do You Do?
  12. The World Is Ending What Is The Last Thing You Do?
  13. What Theme Do You Decorate Your Home With?

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