Which Tomb Raider Legend character are you?

I know Tomb Raider is an old game. But I loved it, and the protagonists where amazing! But who are you most like? That's the question! Find it out!

This is a really easy way to find out. There are no spoilers in it (and if you didn't finish this game yet you are...kinda...well i guess you just finished it a long time ago didn't you?) Have fun!

Created by: Demonata
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What about your love life?
  2. What's your favorite location?
  3. Your favorite part of the history is...
  4. Your favorite color is...
  5. What would be a nice date to you?
  6. Violence is...
  7. Are you into computers?
  8. Your themesong would be...
  9. Danger is...
  10. Your favorite painting is by...

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Quiz topic: Which Tomb Raider Legend character am I?