How well do you know Legend of the Seeker?

Legend of the Seeker-Awesomeness. If you want a medieval show to watch, you need to check out this great show. I love Legend of the Seeker and it's one of my favorite shows, so obviously, that's the reason for this quiz.

How much do YOU know about your favorite show, Legend of the Seeker? In just 5-10 minutes, you will know the percentage that your knowledge is of L.O.T.S.! Good luck, and remember, NO person is stupid, even if you get 0%.

Created by: NA

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  1. Who is Richard Cypher?
  2. Who is Kahlan Amnell?
  3. Who is Zeddicus Zu'l Zerander?
  4. Who is Denna?
  5. True or False: Richard's brother, Michael, was killed.
  6. Who is Cara?
  7. True or False: In Hunger, Cara becomes a baneling and is not cured.
  8. True or False: Richard has a sister named Jensen.
  9. True or False: Zedd, the great Wizard, is Richard's grandfather.
  10. True or False: Richard is a Rahl and Darken Rahl's brother.
  11. True or False: Cara killed Denna.
  12. True or False: Cara killed Dennee.
  13. Who in the main cast died at least once?
  14. Were there Power Rangers on Legend of the Seeker?
  15. In the latest episode of Legend of the Seeker, Cara was disguised as a princess. Was Kahlan also?
  16. True or False: Legend of the Seeker is medievel.
  17. True or False: The people in Legend of the Seeker burn their loved ones' bodies after death.
  18. True or False: There was another Seeker, Leo.
  19. True or False: Sister Nicci was a Sister of the Dark.
  20. True or False: Richard Cypher, the Seeker of Truth, has wizard powers as of now.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Legend of the Seeker?