The Raider Alley I.Q. Test

There are some who are masters of the way of the Alley and the interweb. There are some who aren't. Where exactly do you stack up? Do you like bewbies and buttsecks?

Do you have what it takes to be an Alley Cat? What is your level of Raider Alley intelligence? These are very important questions.. Find out, now, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Created by: Tricky
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  1. NineteenNine just moved where?
  2. DeerJohn is most known for:
  3. What is Judge's real name?
  4. Grown men and women having a Myspace page is:
  5. Who is the hawtest MILF in the Alley?
  6. Who was MWNN's super-special-surprise guest at SGGW?
  7. Which of the following is most widely considered by Alley Cats to be GOD?
  8. What is the name of the poster who pwn3d Tricky?
  9. Which infamous e-feud ended in one poster e-threatening e-harm on the other?
  10. According to Alley lore, what is the biggest measure of a man's worth?
  11. Allsups burritos are:
  12. Which doesn't belong?
  13. Indy is to basketball, as:
  14. Which poster is most likely to star in their own homemade pr0n?
  15. "She would blatantly get it," is a phrase used by:
  16. Which poster notoriously "appeared" on Wheel of Fortune?
  17. PsychoAg aspires to:
  18. Which poster is most famous for having avatars with big bewbies?
  19. Which does not belong?
  20. What is the most popular recent theme of the Alley?

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