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  • Oh wow, your rich! 67%

    We aren't thaaaaaat rich, we have 2 living rooms, a kitchen, dining area, laundry room, 3 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, 2 attics, 3 rooms in our basement, 13 acres, over 30 goats, 2 dogs, 15 cats, a 2 story house, don't call us rich

    Katelyn Daesnoy
  • How RICH are you?
    Your Result: Normal 77%

    You live a pretty comfortable life, you might not not always get what you want, but it's still a good (and hopefully happy) life you are living. You may not enjoy all aspects of your life, but it's still better than many others.

    50% Oh wow you're rich!
    26% Meh...
    18% Oh.My.Gish!!! You are EXTREMELY RICH!!!
    11% Pooooooooor!!!

  • How RICH are you?

    Your Result: Oh.My.Gish!!! You are EXTREMELY RICH!!!


    Oh no you are not only rich, you are BEYOND rich!! You have too much money on you! WoW i would give some of that green stuff lying around the house for the people who lack sufficient amounts of money to live a proper life!!

    65% Oh wow you're rich!
    9% Normal
    4% Pooooooooor!!!
    3% Meh...

    Eh being rich isn't as good as it sounds though.

  • Normal. I suppose that's good, considering I'm 16. But hey, it works, I guess.

  • Normal. Coo.. And aria, everyone knows u pretend to be someone youre not!!!!!

  • I am not rich at all. I'm not poor either. im normal. this quiz is bogus..

  • 90%
    You are BEYOND rich


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