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  • Lol lol lol!!!! I'm sorry but I am NOT rare X3 I have about 7 rares and my rarest is my fox hat or my den betas X3 I have no rare bow anymore I traded it and I never had even a normal worn!!! I wish I had a rare spike tho. I am hawkfire92 on AJ if you wish to contact meh

  • Yay! I am 88% rare! on animal jam a have a bunch of worns, some long rare collars, and some short rare collars, fox hats and bows I still like, I also like neon bows which I have one of (^_^) My user on aj is Fullwolfmoon, and I am on nearly every single day XD

  • i am 94% rare yay

    i got all long collars and long wrists ( rare )

    and all top hats and bunch of betas and stuff

    but to me rare fox hats and rare bows are junk only black worn is good worn tho

  • I am rare!!!!! My username is flippy79262. I think they deleted my account cuz I haven't been on there for two months. I really miss my account!!!! :,(

  • flippy, Do they delete ur account after 2 months? 'cause one time I quit playing for a year, and it was still there...

  • I got 96% :P

  • 80 rare plz


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