How Racist are You?

There will be many people you know who are racist. There will be racists at your work, school, and at home. You might even have been subject to racist attacks, taken part in one. Maybe you studied racism in Social Studies in High School. But do you know how Racist you are?

Have you ever considered that, in fact, You could be racist? You could be one of those people who write the jokes about the Irish? IS there any chance that YOU, yes YOU could be racist? This quiz will determine that, so take it, and see exactly how racist you are...

Created by: Soph

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  1. Do you think you are Racist?
  2. There is an Anti-Racism march being planned at your school. Do you go along?
  3. An Asian driver almost crashes into you when you are walking down the street. Do you blame it on his being Asian, or just that he is a bad driver?
  4. Can White people dance hiphop?
  5. Was Hitler right to kill the jews?
  6. When a new muslim girl with a head covering joins your class do you tell her to get rid of it because she has to be like everyone else?
  7. White people are cooler than blacks.
  8. What do you think of Apartheid in South Africa?
  9. Do you have any racist friends?
  10. People are being racist to the new Islamic girl. Do you stand up for her?
  11. Do you think this Quiz is racist?

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Quiz topic: How Racist am I?