How Punk Are You?

Are you punk or are you just playing it? Think about it. Do you think that wearing a mohawk gives makes you a true rocker? Take this quiz to let yourself know.

Do you have the awesomeness trait required for punks? Or maybe you are in denial. The answer could be either one. Take this quiz to find out for yourself.

Created by: Jamie
  1. You hit random at your ipod, what type of song comes up?
  2. you think you're punk because:
  3. true of false: The Clash rocks
  4. horror punk, pop punk, skate punk, or regular punk
  5. be honset, do you listen to punk just because it's tough?
  6. where did punk orgininate?
  7. do you drink and party a lot?
  8. opinion on emos?
  9. i don't know what to write 4 the next 2 :P
  10. pick one

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Quiz topic: How Punk am I?