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  • Lol 0% ok first of everyone is atleast 10% psychic it's nature man, second not bragging I had 1 famous guru compare me with Buddha lvl saying took him 40 years of practice since childhood to learn same thing that took me 1 week to learn and it was a master lvl thing to long to explain so this quiz in my opinion should get negative stars xD

    I made a profile to post this for childeren who are interested please take a different test and if u take this test don't take results seriously. And also people have totally wrong idea about what bieng psychic means but nvm

  • R8 cherry .

    If ur a real psychic , could u guess what favourite colour of my neighbour's panties?

    jemah jempot
  • Damn 41% I really need to learn how to focus better

  • 0% lollzz


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