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  • For the question about the current Chinese government, mine answer would've been something like: At the moment, mainly good, but there are many bad parts as well. Most things are getting better and better while some things are getting worse. I would prefer a coalition government between the CCP and the KMT(aka Guo ming dang).

    I actually might prefer this more: When the communists and nationalists(KMT) negotiated right before the start of the Chinese Civil War(post WWII), the nationalists should have agreed to the communist's terms(i.e. having the nationalist government as the government while the communists being the opposition) and therefore forming a true democratic coalition government(even though the ROC is democratic today but chinese reunification still seems far from happening :'(

  • ni hao, Shi Mei Qu, wo shi xiang gang ren! Wo ting zi hao de, yin wei wo shi xiang gang ren, er dang yi ge zhong guo you hao ye you bu hao de, jiu shi zhong guo you zhe me da de fa zhan, hen ling wo men zi hao, ke shi, you xie mei jie shou guo jiao yu de zhong guo ren, zuo chu bu dao de de xing wei shi, jiu mei na ma zi hao le! (yin wei mei jie shou guo jiao yu de ye ting duo ne!^^)


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