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  • ok. i did the quiz again and chose all the worst answers. now its telling me that i will ascend into deityhood. nice way to try and help people. Instead of saying encouraging things, you're just treating them like not working hard and striving towards something is a good thing (yes i do realise thats very patronising towards physically and mentally unstable people and im sorry). But i dont think thats very healthy for all the perfectly healthy people who either choose not to work or use this as an excuse to be lazy.

  • Come on ! This test mustnt exist, its rude, false and dumb af ! Im a French atheist girl with autism and Im hetero, but I dont feel privileged or unprivileged ! Nobody should feel victimized or unprivileged because of his/her skin colour, sexual orientation, weight, religion, etc... We live in the 21st century, everybody is equal, aggressions are punished, stop crying about being part of an « oppressed minority », stop asking for a « social justice » and for f--- sake, please stop blaming the majority for all the problems of the world, the problem is YOU !

  • I got 8% under privileged even though I work hard on my own live on my own and go to college which I pay for and have "loving" parents which made me live on my own as soon as I could get a job and now I have mental issues and get made fun of because my sexuality and it said that I must be a stuck up white Male that works off my parents but I am female and my parents don't even talk to me.

  • All minorities and various sexual deviants are privileged. I'm certainly not privileged, as I had to f---ing WORK for everything in my life. Stop listening to racist a--holes, stop mutilating your genitals, stop thinking like babies and get to WORK!

    Big White Daddy can't save you if you kill Him.

  • It says I'm 25% unprivileged and it says, "You're still problematic af. but at least you have a basic understanding of the struggle. Check your privilege more often." Like yes im privileged but im also a 14 year old Latina girl whos dad moved here at age 15 and a few years latter my mom moved here.

  • I got 16% which makes sense to me ig cause I'm a 15 year old white cis female but I really hated how it was like "You must be a white cis blah blah man who never checks his privilege" like rude.. I said I was lower middle class and suicidal and couldn't w/o meds or a car. I get it I am privileged but not all cis white males are so please stfu

  • You are 32% unprivileged!

    You're still problematic af. but at least you have a basic understading of the struggle. Check your privilege more often.

    How am I "problematic af" What the f--- does that mean? How am I problematic? What do you find about me that is problematic? If I judged people based on their gender, sexual orientation, trans status, skin color, mental/physical health, economical status, education, ect; then you have the right to call me out as problematic. But at no point in this quiz did you ask if I judged people on those factors. All you did was ask me about where I stand on those factors and then made a judgement about me. So am I the one that is problematic or are these types of quizzes and those making them the "problematic" ones?

  • You are 23% unprivileged! 23%

    You're still problematic af. but at least you have a basic understanding of the struggle. Check your privilege more often.

    I'm a half Indian, half white minor female who is bisexual and lower middle class. So I guess so?

  • Im actually biracial, and I have privilege. The results are so unprofessional, and its honestly really insulting. Just being youre upset that your life was hard doesnt mean you get to push that onto other people. Grow up, and stop being the victim.

  • You can't be trans without gender dysphoria. That just means you're cis and want to be special cause you don't 100% fit the gender norm.

    • Wow someone with brain cells

  • 7% underprivileged. And since when was being privileged problematic? I'm a minor, so some of these don't apply to me. My dad sells used furniture, and brings in no more than $20000 per year. My mom is a nurse and works her ass off which is why I go on vacation. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment. Also, I'm a straight (I think) half Asian half American (I look white) girl. To sum things up, this quiz is bs.

  • Ok bud.

    Thanks for advancing the victim culture. BTW I'm a girl from East Europe in US with green card. Since being female makes my opinion count more, cause identity politics : )

  • 8% unprivileged See, that was kind of a rude assumption to make. No, I am not a cisgendered Rich Hetro White male whos never checked his privilege. I am a black bisexual Muslim woman. My family moved here for a better life. This result really sucks.

  • You are 51% unprivileged

    I feel quite privileged, even if I do have a disability. I am alive and functioning enough to live it, I couldn't be more grateful for what little I do have.

    • That's a great way to be, grateful for what you have! Your a real character sashiku!

  • Just as I expected lol a triggered SJW response!

  • "You are extremely privileged!!! I bet you're some white cisgendered heterosexual male who never checks his privilege." You're gonna say i have privilege because I'm white and I'm being berated for my sexuality so apparently your sexuality only matters if you're gay and me being straight is somehow invalid?

  • I got 11% unprivileged. The words talking about my results (I bet ur some blah blah blah....) are extremely offensive. AND. I am NOT male. I'm female. Please watch your words, maker of this quiz. If you can change these rude words, please do.

    • it's very ironic how patronising the words they use at the end of the test are...

  • You are 16% unprivileged! 16%

    You are extremely privileged!!! I bet you're some white cisgendered heterosexual male who never checks his privilege.

    I am white
    I am cisgender
    I am fairly wealthy
    I am an atheist
    I am not heterosexual
    I am not male
    I have depression
    I have anxiety
    I have attempted suicide
    I have had cancer

    f--- off. Also, plenty of white cis, hetero, men are feminists and know theyre privileged. This quiz sucks. I know Im pretty privileged. But you shouldnt shame people for being privileged, you should shame them if theyre privileged and dont think they are, or are privileged and dont care about non privileged people.

  • Well, I got 6% unprivileged. Immediately accused me of being a cis-gender white male who never checks my privilege. However, I am an Asian female, who just happens to have parents as doctors. So, of course Im privileged!

  • This quiz was sexist racist bigoted mysandrinistic misogynistic xenophobic heterophobic and pretty much everything the left accuses us of being. You left leaning SJW nitwits need professional help thankfully you won't breed willingly

  • This is the dumbest quiz i have ever taken.

  • 24% unprivileged, and says I should "check my privilege more often."

    damn ok I mean I know I'm white and middle-class but I'm also transgender, pansexual, depressed, bullied, dysphoric and body dysmorphic, and my family struggles with money but sure tell me to check my privilege thats fine

  • i got 9 percent unprivileged. What the answer said was so rude!. I mean i would probably find it funny if i was the quiz creator but i am not. Btw i mean that i would find the results funny, not all the shady stuff going on in the questions.

  • "You are extremely privileged!!! I bet you're some white cisgendered heterosexual male who never checks his privilege."

    But... checking my privilege is exactly what I just did (although it is right about everything else).

  • 0% privilege 'I bet you're some cisgender, white, heterosexual male who has never checked his privilege' even though I'm gay and said I was in the quiz. Typical Liberal extremest s---...


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