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  • Maybe if this amount of time was spent working out issues and talking about what is going on rather than trying to force your own culture down every else's throats you may actually make a change rather than pushing people to oppose everything you are trying to get across. Talk to people, don't just yell until they ignore you and claim victim when you are actually the aggressor. 11% underprivileged yet Native american who had to work their own way up with loving parents, and I guess that makes me a cis male that needs to check their privilege. I think you need to check how you communicate and yes, this is a form of communication and shows just how hostile you really are.

    • Uhhh. 15% unprivileged, "You are extremely privileged!!! I bet you're some white cisgendered heterosexual male who never checks his privilege."

      I'm a Half-Asian, Half-White queer person who's genderfluid and the daughter of an immigrant. I also have CPTSD from being abused and molested for years. Not saying I'm not privileged, cause I definitely hella am (I get to go to college, have all my basic needs met, and can afford therapy along with other things I may want) and I'm hella lucky. I'm just writing here cause the person making this, who thinks they're a Bleeding Heart Liberal who's got it figured out, is very mistaken and clearly does not know how to talk to people who believe they are not privileged. Here's something helpful you could say instead of screaming and spreading hate pointlessly:

      You are extremely privileged! It's not your fault, most privileges people are born into and have little to no control over it. But it is your job to use the resources you have to help those less privileged than you and stay educated about how your actions effect them. Make sure to listen and believe, because many disadvantaged people see things privileged people don't! Here's a list of articles you could read to help get you started:

      *list articles*

      Remember, society and situations change quickly so no matter who we are we're never done learning how we can help and learn about groups of oppressed/marginalized people we do not belong to and even those we belong to (heck, I'm part of the Queer community and I'm still learning actively learning new things!). Stay healthy, keep learning, and wear a mask!

      That's a way better thing to write instead of screaming PRIVILEGE and then leaving :/

    • Oh sorry Frost_Wolf, this was meant for the creator! This is the first time I'm using this and idk how to delete a reply.

  • I got 1% unprivileged and it said "1%

    You are extremely privileged!!! I bet you're some white cisgendered heterosexual male who never checks his privilege." I am a 13 year old latina with immigrant parents who moved here for a better life. They worked hard and got good paying jobs and now earn enough to be in the upper middle class. I agree that I am privileged and I'm very grateful and I have never been discriminated against because of my race. This test is stupid and was surely made made by some privileged white feminist who thought she really did something with this. My family and I are privileged because my parents made a difficult choice to leave their lives behind in their 20s and move to America. They work hard everyday of their life and never act above anyone else and I was lucky enough to be born into this family. So it's unfair and stupid to assume that everyone who is privileged is in that position because they're white. I know this was a long comment but the outcome and message after this quiz is idiotic and it made me mad.

  • -0% underprivileged. Apparently, I'm a white cis male who never checks his privilege.

    I'm actually a mixed race female Latina who also happens to be a minor and who has no effing idea what sexual orientation I happen to be. I was never bullied for my race, although I did get lots of "Are you Asian, then?" and "Oh, is that in Africa?" guesses, which I don't think counts.

    I'm lucky enough not to suffer from mental illness, disability, or poverty.

    I'm simply some kid who got her US citizenship last March and who didn't check off many negative options on this quiz because she is so hecking grateful to be where she is now.

    So rethink your white cis male, please.

    Rethink your laughably narrow, pessimistic views on modern human society.

  • 20% unprivileged. im 19 years old, white, straight male. I work construction 10 hours a day (it takes an hour to get from home to work so 12 hours) 6 days a week. I work for everything i have. I help my father pay bills and buy all of my things. I grew up very poor ( i lived in a shack in the woods and went hungry almost everyday). I watched my mother get beaten and my own family bullied me daily just for being me. I was also bullied in school for most of my life. Im very suicidal and suffer from crippling anxiety. Now, tell me that im privileged. The only reason im actually commenting is to show you that just because im white, male, and "cis" does not mean im (or anyone for that matter) "privileged." Hopefully you can see reason and realize this, but lets be real, you wont.

  • I got 13% unprivileged. And it said you're probably some white cis straight male who never checks his privilege.

    I'm a mixed race bisexual girl(minor) who happened to grow up in a fairly good environment. I have never been discriminated against because of who I am. I wish that people stopped treating me like a victim because of who I am. I am not a victim because I'm 1/2 black or because I'm bi. Just stop.

    • Same percentage and its so annoying right? Like I understand that Im privileged, as Im white, upper middle class, and cisgender, but Im a pansexual girl who has depression and an eating disorder that affects me daily, not a straight mentally stable man who hasnt checked his privilege. This quiz is downright rude lmao

  • 27% unpriveliged

    Youre still problematic af but at least you have a clue. What a load of bulls---. You can have privilege and be aware and help.

    As well as from the other comments I can see how rubbish this quiz is.

    For another it is for American in the medicine and insurance questions. Because where I live we get free health care and insurance isn't so expensive. So why don't you -creator of this quiz- maybe realise that you are not special. This quiz is stupid and so are you

    Bull sheet
  • Lol. What Fat Feminazi Satanic, man hating, gynocentric, misandrist, nature hating, baby murdering, gender disphoria suffering, liberal racist put this dumb biased test together? The Hatred of nature and Men is so ironic. Its like they want to destroy women and Men and families.

    "You may have encountered a few rough patches, but things are still pretty good for you. Make sure you're not engaging in systematic misogynistic culturally appropriative racist patriarchal power structures to minimize how problematic you are."

    • .

    • "You must be some other white cisgender heterosexual male"

      Um I'm a hispanic pansexual female but I'm not even going to go there because I personally don't think that being white and male gets you as much privilage as whatever ignorant person who created this test thinks it does. I sort of agree that being cis and hetero get you privileges but I can only say that fir the area that I live in, that may not apply to the rest of the state,

  • "I bet you're some white cis-gendered heterosexual male who never checks his privilege" This assumption illustrates your naivety and narrow-mindedness. I acknowledge my privilege, however, the hostility employed in your message is undermining the reputation of your "quiz." As someone who worked their way into success, I'm appalled you would assume I don't check my privilege. The time you spent making this exposes your hard-working mindset. The best advice I could give you is to focus your pragmatism on something that will generate capital, like a business for example. Complaining about the privileged class of society won't get you anywhere in life.

  • I honestly had no idea this "thing" even existed and it's only because this Voltaire youtuber made a video about this "thing" that I decided to do this "test". Privilege? Please grow up! I have more importat things to worry about like getting myself a job to finally be able to live on my own and repay my parents for keeping me at home for so long.

    People, do yourself a favor and carry on as you are. There's nothing life changing to see here except the skewed personality of the person that put this quiz together and apparently has no idea how different areas of the world work, stuck in "it's" own bubble.

    Have a good day everyone else!

  • Imagine taking any of this seriously, lol. I doubt anyone who's taken this quiz is actually "privileged" at all, despite what it likes to point out towards anyone who's cis, white, or heterosexual. Identity politics are so funny yet so sad. Ever notice how nowadays when you tell someone you're gay, or trans, or whatever breed of beautiful sparkle unicorn you are, they don't immediately seize you, tie you to a stake, and light a fire beneath you? We don't live in the dark ages anymore. The Modern-day "oppression" everyone seems to be suffering from is quite literally anytime anyone expresses an opinion opposite to yours. The idea that skin color or sex should govern how more or less "privileged" a person is, is an insult to those who have actually suffered from prejudices because of said traits. I recommend a good dose of actual research, rather than feeding into the pseudoscience behind "white privilege" or "male privilege," etc. and here's a Hot Take: Facts don't care about your feelings. Either way, I honestly hope this quiz was meant to be satirical, because if so, you got me. Lmfao. And if anyone was wondering, I got 21%

  • "14% percent unprivileged. You are extremely privileged!!! I bet your some white cisgendered heterosexual male"

    Bro really? I'm a Latin American minor with parents that moved to the US because they wanted to. I don't need to worry about bills because my dad's in the military and my mum is a nurse(high in demand). My parents came to this country to have a new life and freedoms. Honestly I'm not sure I even count as Latin American because of the fact I'm a mixed-race Jamaican but anyway, I know I got privilege because of my father being in the military, having a degree, and paying my mum child's support. I'm grateful that I don't have to ask for much but really? I must be some cisgendered heterosexual white male, are you kidding me? You are aware there are a nice amount of cisgendered heterosexual white males that never got the taste of privilege once in their life and are poor and maybe even having to commit crimes to put some food on the table, right? If you believe that every white guy has privilege then go to European slums, you'll maybe just make some bulls--- excuse to make some sense of white people not being wealthy.

  • According to this quiz I am 0% underprivileged, but I am 15 years old and everyday I feel intensely grateful for how lucky I was to be born with privilege. Just because I am in the 0% does not mean I am bad person as the note I got when I finished the quiz suggests.

    I do community service for people less fortunate than myself and I educate myself on the LGBTQ+ community, other religions and their beliefs, American History (including slavery and the oppression of many non-white races throughout American history) etc.

    Overall I was upset because there are stereotypes about the 0% that are very negative that this quiz promotes. But it is not my fault if I was born with privilege, and every day I try to learn about other peoples lives and think about how I could support my fellow LGBTQ+, colored, poor, or underprivileged neighbors.

  • It said I was 0% unprivileged, which I somewhat agree with, but the comments made afterward were very upsetting. It said I was probably a white cis male who doesnt ever check his privilege. Well actually, Im a young women (yes I am white) but I completely understand the privilege I hold and I have continued to support minorities and under privileged people for a few years now (and Im only 16) I believe that saying such things when a person is privileged is a very limited view. Just because a person, including a male, has a good and privileged sanctuary to call a life, does not make them a horrible person. I think it is important to understand your privilege you hold and help others, but this quiz seems to believe that holding a privilege makes you a bad person. It doesnt.

    • I understand why your upsest. There is something wrong with the person who made this quizz for assuming such things in such an insulating way!

  • You are 16% unprivileged.

    Yes i am an 18 year old white cis heterosexual male. However, I dont feel privileged at all. At 15/16 my conditions at home were very bad to the point I had to leave. I was 'homeless' for 6 months, before that happened I had to defend myself with knifes and such against my dad. Home eventually became a warzone for some time. At 16 I had to sell drugs otherwise I would starve. I was later blamed by the system for all of it and spent 7 months locked up (at 16-17 years old). My chance of an education is completely f---ed because of all of this. So i have no diploma. My sibling is transgender, with a high school diploma and currently in college. And she feels very opressed, but we havent spoken for a few years.

    • I can see where your coming from, I'm now routing the accuracy of this quiz. Hope your life turns out better, God bless you

  • 0% unprivileged due to my father earns 150k$ per year. But I am colored of women(Asian, but from developed country with pale skin tho), and this site said that I assume youre white male whove never thought what the privilege is. Hmmmm......yes, by considering the top of 0.00000001% or something, it tends to be white male, but is it true that upper middle class people are mostly white male....? First of all, I chose female in question 2...

    • Hmmm, apparently, I'm a cisgender heterosexual white guy...wowwwwww. They shouldn't have been that rude, even if I was that.

    • So true this guy needs to watch what he says!

  • 64% unpriveliged. I guess it makes sense I mean I'm a fourth Japanese, native American, Greek, and Norwegian but I live in the US. I also have multiple neurodivergent disorders and mental disorders, live below the poverty line (as far as I know) discriminated and have a lot of gender and sexuality issues. Wow I'm privileged 😂

  • I am very privileged, white male, young, thin, (but not great looking), and the only mental problems I have are ADHD, (though I used to have an insane amount like you wouldn't believe). I am upper mid class, and the only reason I haven't taken college yet is I'm not old enough. I am well aware of my privilege, and use it to gain privilege for others, as much as possible, though my youngness makes it a little difficult. I try my best!

  • 2% underprivileged and loving it! AFAIK this quiz was made by a cis-gendered white man. I'm taking it to be a bit tongue in the cheek. I think the author was taking a gentle dig about our current silly preoccupation with white male cis-gender privilege. Most people posting here who got a low underprivileged score seem to be making the most of their lives whatever ethnic or gender background they have, and good for them!

  • "You are extremely privileged!!! I bet you're some white cisgendered heterosexual male who never checks his privilege."

    damn I mean I'm a biracial, bisexual female who is fully aware of any privileges she has but okay

  • You may have encountered a few rough patches, but "things are still pretty good for you."

    Thanks. Yes, I am white. I am also heathen, mentally/physically disabled, pansexual, and gender fluid. I am not working and my parents help pay rent and medical. I went to schools where I was the only white and got beat up for it. But I'm only 40% underprivileged?

  • I like how I am a minor, mixed race, depressed (with anxiety), bisexual, cisgender, female but I got %12 unprivileged and called a white cisgender heterosexual male just because my parents have a little money. money isn’t everything and it’s not like I have any of my own.

  • Dude, I'm a cis bisexual Latina girl and this quiz "[bets I'm] some white cisgendered heterosexual male who never checks his privilege." Like, what?

    My parents are immigrants who have quite a bit of money because they worked their asses off. We go on vacations to Europe and I go to an elite private school. But I'm not white, straight, or male.

  • Somehow Im 17% unprivileged, I'm white, I never knew my dad (Hes been in prison pretty much my whole life) , I struggled with drug addiction, Im from a fairly big city (200k), I've seen friends die at a young age due to where we live in the city, At age 16 I got a job to help my mom pay bills, Ive been arrested trying to get me and my little brother a meal to eat at night when my mom isnt home. But im privileged...

  • You are 4% unprivileged! 4%

    You are extremely privileged!!! I bet you're some white cisgendered heterosexual male who never checks his privilege.

    lmao, i'm actually an asian woman born and raised in Norway but whatever you say man

    • IKR this quiz doesnt post the right results.

  • Ah yes being white and straight and non trans makes me privileged. Even though i have autism and havent been to school for 2 years even though im a minor and have bad anxiety. Whoever made this quiz clearly hates white cisgender people.

    • Totally and they also want to start fancying themselves autism/asperger's activists no please no I think we have enough problems without the left's help.


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