How pretty are you?

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i hope you liked it remember this quiz was all fun in games so please don't be upset by your answer you are all smart and talented. also watch moriah elizabeth! please

Good job and thank you for choosing my quiz remember your answer may not be completely true just answer all of the answers honestly and you'll do fine! check out my other quiz's please!

Created by: LEAH!!

  1. Do you wear makeup?
  2. what do you wear
  3. how many hours does it take you to get ready for school
  4. what activities do you do after school
  5. what kind of sports do you do.
  6. are you friendly!
  7. if so how many friends do you have
  8. can you tell your friends everything. or are they blabber mouths
  9. what kinda shoes do you wear for school everyday
  10. what is your favorite color?
  11. Did you like this quiz
  12. BYE!!

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Quiz topic: How pretty am I?