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  • 11% Prepalicious ( That's not even a word...) Yeah, I'm not preppy, so what? So, I make fandom references and wear T-shirts with inspirational quotes on them. That's not a BAD thing. You shouldn't feel sorry for me. I'm not going to change. I am weird and I am PROUD! One more thing, I am NOT a loser. I am simply a unique individual. That caption was pretty offensive and even a little nasty...

  • Congratulations! You are 0% PREPALiCiOUS!!! [:

    Wow, you are pretty much a loser/nerd/emo or goth. You need to ligten up and have a little fun.. and our advice is to see a counselor immediatly. Help is on the way, dear un-preppy child. May the preppy forces be cast upon you. [ haha loser ]

    Wow... The Creator Of This Quiz Is A b----...

    Evil Vampirez
  • Congratulations. You are 55% PREPALICIOUS!!!

    Wo w, you are pretty much a normal person , but you need to spend more time on yourself in the morning. Good job, don't feel bad about yourself. FEEL GOOD [ and that your not freakishly nerdy or goth or freakishly preppy ] yay .. [:

    --- nice quiz but i wont spend more tme on my self in the morning!!!

    Too me
  • Congratulation 16% prep. I'm punk/emo(if that's even a thing??) and this quiz made me want to eat the creators face off

  • HILARIOUS QUIZ!! laughed all the way through!! XD its just a joke people. its not serious or mean.

  • okay i deffinitley dnt effing like who ever made this quiz because how do you call a person a loser or a person who dosnt like the "s*it*y" things you like like wtf? haha stfu!!!!!! ugh :o $$*@*fu#%$ y#$%^^**ew

  • i'm emo and i agree the creator is a b----

    kara moonsword
  • ok emo gothish but hey the creator still think is a b----. hmm i think hes the loser hah

    kara moonsword

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