How powerfull is your cognitive ability.

Well here it is, my first and more than likely LAST quiz. for those who don't know what "cognitive" means, well basiclly it means the entire process of thought. Enjoy.

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Created by: Daniel

  1. Where does the Internet Meme: "X All The Y" -without searching it- Herald from.
  2. What subject does the formula: vf²=vi²+2ad, relate to?
  3. The phrase "Perched above my chamber door," is from which piece of literature?
  4. What is the meaning of "Prestidigitation"?
  5. The element Xenon is part of which family.
  6. All the angles in a triangle add up to:
  7. How many directions are there on a detailed compass?
  8. Of the following three countries, which is fake? Bolivia, Constantinople, East-Timor & Leste
  9. Are turtles Reptilian, Amphibian, Avian, or Mammalian?
  10. Finnally! The Last Question! What Question Number is This?

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Quiz topic: How powerfull is my cognitive ability.