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  • Weak minded ? Oh hahahaha you have no idea what kind of mind I have, sweetie .(: I find it hilarious how people think the nice people in the world are the weak-minded. Do you know how much strength it takes to keep your head with things and not punch the mean people in the face ? It takes a lot more strength to resist that urge than to give into it. And all the mean people do is give into the bad, whereas the good fight it. It's so much easier to be mean than nice, so those people who think the nice people are weak need to realize that it's actually the other way around.

  • Wow so because I'm nice and generous I'm weak minded. There are people very smart and they are generous. And I do stand up for myself. Thanks for bringing me down

    Summertime fun
  • Its so funny how people think the nicest of people have the weakest of minds which isn't true at all!! You have NO IDEA what kind of mind I have!! (: I really agree with CheerForever123

  • Weak minded? Wow, I think it's very critical and naive to think the nice weak minded. I agree with ChearForever123 also

  • I totally agree with Cheer!

  • I totally agree, nice doesn't mean weak, it takes a lot to be nice.

  • Weak minded!! NOT a leader?! They are sorryly mistaken about me! XD

  • So, weak-minded is the new nice, is that what u mean?

    Hide and seek

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