how powerful is your love towards your loved one?

there are many lovers, but which one are you? and which one do you truly want by your side? discover the powerfulness of a true lover, discover if your jack (titanic) is near, very far away or already by your side

the whispers in the morning of lovers sleeping tight are rolling by like thunder now as i look in your eyes i hold on to your body and feel each move you make you voice is warm and tender love that i could not forsake...cause im your lady and you are my man whenever you reach for me ill do all that i can

Created by: bea
  1. would you die for your partner; not suicide, an exchange of life if needed
  2. would you kill for him/her, if that person were to hurt him/her
  3. would you cheat?
  4. what would you do for this person?
  5. what do you think about titanic the movie (1997)
  6. from these, fave song
  7. would you like to wake beside her/him no sex needed?
  8. type of kiss
  9. love making fave phrase
  10. would you stay with that person in the hospital, if he/she had a terrible accident

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Quiz topic: How powerful is my love towards my loved one?