Do You Support Bush and Know What He's Doing?

Some people love America. some don't. Do you? Find out in this quiz. You can see if your a real Patriot. Love your country and you will be loved. Bi.

Do you love your country? Do you know whats it's doing? Find out. Find out if your a Patriot. Find out if you can lift your head up in a crowd. You should love your country and you will be loved. Bi.

Created by: Alex
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  1. Why did the US invade Iraq?
  2. Does the Muslim religion want the US to be destroyed?
  3. Should we take our troops out of Iraq?
  4. Is Bush a good President?
  5. Who blew up the World Trade Center?
  6. Was it a good thing to invade Iraq?
  7. Will Hillary or Obama make a good president?
  8. Would you carry your flag threw out the world?
  9. Conservative or Democrat?
  10. Will America fall If Hillary or Obama becomes president?

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Quiz topic: Do I Support Bush and Know What He's Doing?