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  • 'You could well be a chav'.

    Totally wrong. I'm down to earth and hate posh people but I am well spoken.

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  • I too was appalled at 'were trainers', and thought the quiz rather failed to show that I'm a bit posh by virtue of farmers' markets, craft fairs, some cricket and rugby, the odd Latin phrase, but I am mostly struck by these comments. These reveal that many people who spent 7 years at grammar schools - I went comprehensive after two - have either lost their sense of humour or feel themselves morally superior to a 'chav' underclass. No wonder there's so little outcry against the government's vindictive benefit reforms!

    tolerated tres
    • horselover not polo lover here not posh. You are 21% posh!


      Sorry - If you are reading this, you could well be a chav. Come back when you have learnt some proper etiquette, BRUV!!

  • Ok, I got 53% and I am a freaking horse person who LIVES to RIDE. I seriouly want to go to the Rolex Three Day Event in Kentucky (don't know what that is look it up-it's awesomeness to the extreme). It said "Maybe learning how to ride a horse will help."*facepalm then laughter* I can ride a horse way better than YOU, and also if you think being around horses make you posh, HA. We spend money on putting horse's shoes on, and then AFTER the farrier leaves our horse throws his shoes and thus we never get any work done to ourselves, and our cloths stink of horse poo from cleaning stalls and we have hay in our hair and dirt on our bottom from an "ungraceful dismout" off of our 2 year old youngster in training. But you know what, we love it anyway. But horses are NOT for the posh or rich. We equestrians just choose to spend money on our equine partners rather than ourselves. Back pain? Don't care, we need the money we would spend on that to pay the chiropractor to adjust our horse. Ankle hurts really badly? Nope, gotta pay this show fee so we can compete. Oh, it's so cold now that the heating broke down! Wait, the horse ripped its blanket, well more like destroyed it, okey dokey I guess I'll put off repairing the heating in order to buy Mr. Sassy Pants a new winter blanket so he will be all warm and snuggly wuggly. After all it IS going to be 0 degrees on Friday.

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  • BFES Schools outside the UK are classed as ? Most of the fee paying schools full of oligarchs kids so they are full of heathen foreigners,

    The true definitions of posh are whether you know how to hold and use a knife and fork correctly , if you have and use a milk jug rather than putting the milk bottle on the table, if you read a quality newspaper, if you are polite and kind to all all classes of society and if you know that a trifle does not contain jelly.

    Nanny B
  • If so called 'posh' people claim to be able to write 'good English' then why can't they spell?! It should be 'wear', not 'were.' Your 'posh education' is obviously not worth the paper it was written on. Just because a person does not fall into certain pre-decided categories it does not make them a 'chav!' I'm a perfectly respectable person, who knows how to write English correctly. I do not need to be a 'snob' to be able to do that, as it appears that you need to go back to school and practise your written English!

    Modern Woman
    • Yes, I kind of agree but you could of said that in a nicer way, as that could be very offending and is quite rude. But I completely agree and understand why you said it.

  • So many questions should have had none of the above! I know it's only a bit of fun but do not appreciate being told to learn to speak english when one of the questions asked do I were trainers! Being educated in the state system does not make you a chav! Also no age differentiation seems to have been allowed for I went to infant junior and senior school primary to describe the schools came into use later, though my mother was a Primary teacher. I don't like any sports but put football as the most bearable.

  • What a strange quiz. Do the compilers not know that use of the term "chav" is vulgar? I don't watch sport and therefore the question is senseless. No references to reading material, newspapers read or television or films watched. Actually, this quiz appears to have been written by someone who attended a second-rate public school, with limited intelligence and understanding but imbued with a false sense of superiority.

  • this fatuous quiz is helping to perpetuate the class differences which it assumes to mock, in the same way as the book "the Sloane Rangers handbook" or some such name, did in the early eighties. Class distinction is no joke - joking about it is a way of dismissing it as irrelevant - and it is very relevant. We live in an unequal society and that is bad for everybody - I suggest you use your imagination to think of ways of closing the difference between the haves and have-nots.

  • "Spag_Hoops said: Nov 18 '13, 7:07AM

    Dear Shutterbug - it is spelt learnt not learned, so who's not posh now?"

    Actually, both variants are ok - especially outside the US. The author is evidently from the UK (see the list of shops).

    If you want to pull up the author on their piece, you could instead point out that it's 'others' not 'other'; 'wear' not 'were'; 'marvelous is US spelling - it's marvellous in the UK.....

  • What a load of rubbish, didn't get Tv until I was 12, Graffiti never existed, Rugby and Football were the sports that we played, School Holidays was out with friends that is Girls and boys from dawn to dusk, we weren't mollycoddled like kids today. joined the Royal Navy and saw the world from 17yrs, learn't to become independent and worked for a living.

  • I find it quite amazing that so many took offence at the results shown. I was under the impression that this was supposed to be a bit of fun. Most noticed the abysmal spelling, (were, instead of wear) but nobody seemed to notice learnt, which should have read learned. As Lead facilitator said, 'At least get the spelling correct in quiz questions!'

  • LOL 22% POSH! It's true, I'm not very girly AT ALL. But just because I'm not snooty and rich doesn't mean I don't have proper ettiquette. Seriously. If you're a tomboy, doesn't mean you don't behave properly. Nice quiz, but sort of insulting.

  • My husband says, "If you had any idea who I am, you wouldn't be producing such dire drivel!!!

    Who uses the word "marvellous" these days - apart from those who are stuck in the 1930's.

    Besides, if you had a quality education, why can't you write proper English - Bruv!!!"

    Modern Woman
  • Dear Shutterbug - it is spelt learnt not learned, so who's not posh now? I hate all sports, so couldn't answer the last question - maybe though that's the only posh thing about me. I think also if there's a new version you could ask "have you ever used the word 'mollycoddled' in a serious sentence. Pompous must equal posh, surely?

  • I too know that question 5 should say 'wear'. I do ride horses and I have played polo. I shop at the co-op because it's nearest. Only affected people call their parents Mummy and Daddy. Anyway - who wants to be thought of as 'posh' - does the writer of the quiz know where the term originated? I doubt it!

  • "Wear" is not spelt "were"
    The school choices made no sense

    Not all of us use supermarkets, what about local shops?

    The final score didn't take account of my answers - I already know how to ride a horse.

    I thik you need to be posh in the first place before you ask other people whether they are.

  • According to this quiz, anyone who doesn't play or watch polo and didn't go to a private school is a chav. Then they have the audacity to tell me to learn the English language after failing to know the difference between 'were' and 'wear'. Wow...


      The Mighty E
  • Wow, this so inaccurate it's beyond belief -19% calling me a chav, I have a chavvy back ground here in Manchester and I'm not as privileged as others so I don't own a horse ect. but I know what a chav is and I'm certainly not one. Sophistication. The questions are all very stereotypical.

  • I agree with Nick. How does one 'were' a pair of trainers?

    I don't honestly think you are qualified to judge a person's class level.

    Grammar school would have taught you basic spelling and obviously... ' grammar'.

  • Dear Sirs, or whomsoever,

    If I were to go out in public, I would know the difference between 'wear' and 'were' beforehand, thus not to put my foot in it when configuring quizzes, the moreso for quizzes that exhort my learning English!

  • By virtue of the fact that you appear not to know the difference between 'were' and 'wear' I think perhaps this survey is under researched as to what comprises POSH people. All of the questions therefore become quite irrelevant.

    Yram Eflor
  • What you see is what you get from me......too many pretentious people in the world today trying to be something they are not...just be yourself,and treat others the same way you would like to be treated.

    Ritchie K
  • I ended up getting 0%, but why the insult? I'm pretty sure being a "chav" doesn't mean I'm some hillbilly tagging walls and using constant slang. Maybe I'm just normal?

  • This quiz was insulting and not accurate whatsoever. I do not appreciate the results and find this very stupid. But I am sorry for this offensive comment. I'm just being honest.

  • The quiz was just a bit of 'fun', but as others have stated - at least get the Grammar correct!! As has been pointed out previously Grammar schools were not even mentioned. In the end this quiz is farcical!!


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