How popular are you in school?

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Take this quiz to find out if you're popular or not in school. Parties or books? Social butterflies or loners? 100 of friends or just two? TAKE THE QUIZ AND FIND OUT RIGHT NOW!

But who cares about whether you're popular or not if you're happy with the amount of friends you have by your sides, right? Just keep doing your things and be yourself.

Created by: afsheenhuzaifah

  1. When you enter school, how many people usually greet you?
  2. Does people usually ask you to sit with them at Lunch?
  3. Did a guy/girl ever ask you out even if you never talked before?
  4. Do you get invited to a bunch of parties?
  5. Is your boyfriend/girlfriend popular or did they become popular by dating you?
  6. Do you hang out with the cliche popular crowd?
  7. Do people introduce you to their friends all the time?
  8. Do you have a lot of followers on social medias?
  9. Do random people usually adds you on facebook?
  10. Do a lot of people try to socialize with you?
  11. Remember not everyone is the same and I created this quiz because I had nothing to do. I'm not popular, I'm friend with only four guy I'm more than happy with them so if you're popular and this quiz says you're not (or vice versa) f--- it.

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Quiz topic: How popular am I in school?